Public transportation is the back bone of New York City, and Stacey will advocate to increase and improve all aspects of public transportation in the district. She will fight for increased access to and from her district and looks forward to advocating for increased investment in that kind of infrastructure including the plan to make the Rockaway Beach Rail line, or QueensRail, a reality. This will improve transportation in the district and bring good jobs. Additionally, Stacey will advocate for improved permanent ferry service by expanding the current proposed ferry schedule and incorporating a free transfer to subway and bus.




Stacey is a proud parent of public school students, a member of UFT, and the president of her Parent Association. Stacey will fight for increased funding for public education and to ensure that all students in New York State have the resources they need to thrive.




As a small business owner Stacey knows the importance of creating jobs in our community. Stacey will fight to cut the red tape that currently is strangling growth and economic opportunities for our small businesses. The small businesses are what make our community great and Stacey will focus on ensuring our local businesses are able to thrive here in our neighborhoods.



Quality Of Life

In our unique communities here in Southern Queens and Rockaway Stacey will work to ensure our quality of life issues get the attention they need and deserve. Whether it’s a pothole on your block or your insurance company is giving you the run around, Stacey will fight tooth and nail to get issues resolved.



Storm Preparedness

Superstorm Sandy devastated the Rockaways, putting Stacey’s family and so many others in crisis. Moving forward, all of New York needs to be ready for storms of this caliber which are likely to become our new normal. Stacey will go to Albany to ensure full funding for storm preparedness and to make resiliency and recovery planning a priority. In addition, Stacey will work to make New York a leader in our fight against sea level rise to protect the environment and the quality of life in our district.